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Whiskey Mixing Set

Whether you’re entertaining or just indulging, it will always be a great time for a whiskey cocktail, and our Whiskey Mixing Set makes it easy to achieve that timeless flavor. Mix the perfect cocktail with the included mixing glass and strainer, then add either our Whiskey Sour mixer for a classic cocktail or Smokey Honey mixer for something more elevated. This set is a modern twist on your classic favorites–an easy addition to your bar car or a perfect gift for the whiskey lovers in your life.
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What’s in This Gift Box

  • Cocktail Mixing Glass
  • Cocktail Strainer
  • Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mixer
  • Smoked Honey Cocktail Mixer

What You Will Need

  • Whiskey
  • Orange Slice and/or Cherry

Wash and dry the mixing glass before use.  Combine the selected cocktail mixer with 4 shots of your preferred whiskey over ice.  Stir and strain into lowball glasses over fresh ice.  Garnish with the preferred fruit: Cherry for Whiskey Sour, Orange for Smoked Honey.
Drink responsibly.