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Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday. For some, it’s a beautiful day to celebrate their relationship with their partner. It’s romantic, special, and a reason to go the extra mile for someone we care about. For others, it can feel exclusive and gimmicky.

One thing we should be able to agree on is that love—any kind of love—is worth celebrating. It’s cliché but true: love really is all we need. Although one holiday may not do love justice, we can use it as a time to reflect, count our blessings, and appreciate our relationships (romantic or otherwise).

For all the lovebirds out there, we have some amazing gifts, some amazing GIFs, and a template to write the perfect love note below. However you feel about February 14th, we hope you spend it lovingly and Thoughtfully.

Send them a thoughtful GIF this Valentine's Day

(Safari users: Tap and hold the image to copy, then paste into message)

You are some kind of wonderful
Love you more
You have a nice heart
I think you are funny and nice and I like you a lot
I love that we are friends
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How to write the perfect love note