Hot Chocolate Bombs Multi-Flavor Gift Set, Pack of 3

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Fall in love with cocoa bombs and enjoy the experience that puts a whole new spin on a classic crowd-pleaser. Each pack includes one milk chocolate, one strawberry, and one caramel cocoa bomb packed with fluffy, mini marshmallows. Deliciously mind-blowing for cocoa lovers of all ages, the hot chocolate bomb experience is a gift in itself.  Ideal for gifting or stocking your pantry shelves, this is how hot chocolate was meant to be served. And did we mention—Kids of all ages love them!

What's Included

Included in this set is 1x Milk Chocolate, 1x Strawberry, and 1x Caramel Chocolate bomb with mini marshmallows inside.


To activate the magic, simply place your bomb in a mug, pour 6 oz. of steamed milk over the top, and sit back and watch it melt into a creamy cup of gourmet cocoa; complete with a mini marshmallow reveal that floats right to the top. Stir well to dissolve, and enjoy!


2.37in x 2.37in x 8.87in