Party Props and Pops

A Champagne Lover's Gift Set

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For the party lovers in your life!  Polka dot coasters, confetti poppers, rock candy stirrer sticks and fun photo props come along with four gold leaf plated champagne flutes. These champagne sets are everything needed to be the life of one unforgettable party. Gatsby himself would be envious.  

  • Four Plated Stemless Champagne Glasses 
  • Four Polka Dot Coasters 
  • Four Confetti Party Poppers 
  • Four Rock Candy Sticks (40g)
  • Set of Six Photo Props
  1. In order for the confetti to really pop off, hold the popper firmly with one hand. 
  2. Use the base of your palm, and hit the bottom of the popper hard. 
  3. We recommend sweetening your champagne with the rock candy sticks too!

The Story Of

Party Props and Pops

A Night of Good Times and Glamour

Corks are flying, bubbling cheers and the most beautiful ladies with laced gloves and feathered hats disembark from long, black limousines. Gold, confetti and glasses clinking. For a night, we celebrate life and act on our most secretive dreams. So, close your eyes and re-live the days of glamour and good times--put on the masks, hooray for the props--and let the party begin!