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Fall in love with BomBombs, the brand that started the hot chocolate bomb craze. With over 20 million cocoa bombs sold worldwide, each giftable collection brings you a different selection of flavors and fun-filled surprises.  Simply pour steamed milk over a bomb, then sit back and watch as it melts into a creamy cup of cocoa with a mini marshmallow reveal that’s truly the bomb.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Buy 2 or more select 5-pack BomBombs, and enjoy 15% off each. Exclusions apply.


The Original BomBombs

The giftable bestseller that set the bar for hot chocolate
bombs. With five BomBombs and two flavors: caramel candy and fudge brownie, this is a great way to get warmed up.

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12 Days of BomBombs

For those who can't get enough of our favorite sweet treat. Stock up with our 12 pack of decadent fudge brownie flavored hot cocoa bombs. Great for holiday gatherings!

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