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The Story of Hurts so Good Fuego

Content regarding the brand essence and positioning of Hurts so Good Fuego

Our Top Seller

Chosen as one of Oprah's Favorite Things 2017; this top-selling hot sauce set is what EXPLODED the Good Hurt Fuego brand. A unique gift set for hot sauce lovers with 7 tantalizing flavors.

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BBQ Rubs to Go

From Jamaican Jerk, Mexican, Montreal, Memphis, Southwest, Chipotle Lime to Black Cajun

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All of the Flavors.

Add fiery flavor to your home-cooked meals with this versatile pack of hot sauces. Our sampler set includes 20 mini hot sauces packaged in glass bottles, and has a Scoville scale ranging from mild to extra hot and includes a variety of sweet, smoky and bold seasonings. 

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