What is Thoughtfully?

The Easiest Way to Find a Thoughtful Gift.

Thoughtfully is a breakout gifting company that creates innovative food gift sets for all occasions. Expertly packaged and designed, Thoughtfully gifts “wow” every time. Our gift sets are more than just a product, they’re an entire experience! Everything in a Thoughtfully gift set fits together cohesively to tell the right story— creating an experience designed to delight.

Our goal is to take the stress out of gifting and help you to find the perfect gift. With a variety of gifts for anyone’s taste, a ‘gifting assistant’ to help you choose an appropriate gift, beautiful gift-ready packaging, customizable greeting card options, and timely delivery right to the recipient’s door- we’re confident we’ll deliver the perfect gift. Gift shopping has never been this easy!


Why Did We Create Thoughtfully?

We want to make life easier for you and take the stress out of gifting!

We’re all busy and pressed for time, and sometimes gift shopping is just plain stressful. A great gift is personal, heartfelt, sincere, and conveys the right message. Sometimes choosing the right gift and presenting it beautifully with the right message can seem impossible— especially given how much effort it takes to get it all right. At Thoughtfully, we want to make this process as easy as possible so you can “nail it” every time!

We want to “WOW” them

What separates a gift from a purchase you make for yourself? We think it’s that “WOW” moment when they open the gift—a magical combination of surprise, joy, and gratitude that strengthens the bond between people. That connection is at the heart of everything we do, so each Thoughtfully gift is designed to “wow” the recipient every time.

We want to inspire people

Gift-giving makes us think less about ourselves and more about others. We firmly believe this kind of selflessness makes our society better, so in addition to encouraging thoughtful gifting, we are compiling thoughtful content, gift guides, and more so that we can build a community of thoughtful people together!

We also started the Thoughtfully initiative, which represents our commitment to support Non-Profit Organizations (501C3) contributing thoughtfully to the world and those in need. Ten percent of all Thoughtfully.com profit goes support these local, regional, and national organizations as part of our mission to enhance human connection by inspiring others to live & give thoughtfully.