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Pour Over Coffee Therapy

Pour over coffee. We stand in line forever to order it. And then we wait some more. The coffee bar is a nice place to be, but sheesh! Give the gift of cutting the line and taking it to go with our coffee gift sets. Our wooden pour over coffee block can be used in the kitchen or the cubicle. We've included quality Colombian beans, filters and a unique alphabet magnet set for word play on the enamel mug. This way, you don't have to talk before caffeine. Our coffee gifts are for morning at a more personal pace.

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What’s in This Gift Box

  • Wooden Pour Over Coffee Block
  • Enamel Mug
  • Alphabet Magnets
  • Coffee Filters
  • Dark Roast Coffee


1.  Bring the 20-25 oz of water to a boil.
2.  Place an empty paper filter in the wood block.
3.  Pour in about half of your hot water, fully saturating the filter and warming the enamel mug.  After a minute, empty the filter and prepare to brew
4.  Pour one once of ground coffee into the filter, giving it a gentle shake to flatten the bed.
5.  Starting at the bed’s center, gently pour the water over the grounds.  You should pour at such a rate that the complete brew process takes about 2-3 mins.
6.  Sip back and enjoy!

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