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Gift Ideas & Crafts / April 2, 2018

Treasure Hunters

Treasure Hunter

PLOT: It is your friend’s birthday this weekend and they are a treasure hunter by trade; a flea market, vintage store thrifter who collects one of a kind items that always shock and awe.

I’m sure you have one of these types in your friend group. The type who were just born trendy. They don’t have to try, they just have an eye for originality and wowing them with a gift is an annual challenge!

Let’s say this year, you did it! You bought them an amazing gift, but now you need an equally original card. I’m not sure you have noticed, but recently greeting cards couldn’t be more beautiful. They are practically frameable works of art but for $7.50 we decided to explore a fun new take cards for the nostalgia enthusiasts in your life.

Reinventing the greeting card will be an ongoing series on our blog so stay tuned for more ways to say you care.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

“for that friend who was just born trendy”

What You’ll Need:

  • Coin purse or drawstring canvas bag
  • Chocolate gold coins or other confectionary treats
  • Iron on letters
  • Treasure (money, pins, or other flea market finds; patches are fun and cost effective!)

Thoughtful Touch

Remember, the idea is to reinvent your typical greeting card so have fun with the messaging! If you are looking to turn up the thoughtful dial, slide an extra note inside to share more compliments and kind words with your giftee.

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