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Gift Ideas & Crafts / June 4, 2018

Springboard into Summer: DIY Painted Planters

Springboard into Summer: DIY Printed Planters

The weather’s getting warmer, the sun is out for longer, and you know what that means? Summertime is on the horizon! Bring on the bright colors, bathing suits, and barbeques!

These printed pots are a great way to set the mood for the season, and bring a little bit of that summer sunshine indoors or wherever you want to keep your plants. Plus they make great gifts or party favors – perfect for all the summer parties to come (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Springboard into Summer: DIY Printed Planters

What You’ll Need

  • Clay pots (any size)
  • Paint (we suggest acrylic paint)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Some print inspiration or your imagination!

Springboard into Summer: DIY Printed Planters


  1. Prime your pots or paint a base layer (if you don’t have primer). We suggest two coats of paint to get even coverage. Let dry between coats for best results.
  2. Paint your pattern! Our designers used a pattern of their own creation, but you can search for patterns on the internet for some other great design inspiration.
  3. Let paint dry.
  4. Pot your plants.
  5. Repeat for as many planters as you want!

Springboard into Summer: DIY Printed Planters

Thoughtful Touch

Host a craft party! Call up your friends or family and host a get-together where everyone can try their hands at painting pots. You’ll get quality time together, and a cute piece of decor to remember the fun.

Happy crafting!

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