Nestle Toll House Individual-Size Chocolate Chip "Pizza Cookie"

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Put some fun in your dessert with this bake-it-in-a-skillet sweat treat from Nestle Toll House, the ultimate dessert sharing experience. Delicious and easy to bake for yourself or to share at the dinner table, this is an awesome activity for aspiring young bakers and a great way to finish any dinner with a rustic yet decadent chocolate chip cookie—just don’t forget the ice cream. When you’re done, hand wash your skillet and prep it for future use on the stovetop cooking eggs, pancakes and sautés. Or pop it back in the oven to bake a mac and cheese casserole, potatoes au gratin or any number of personal-pan dessert. This versatile cast iron cookware will make a great addition to any kitchen.

This cookie mix gift set includes everything you need to make the perfect cookie: Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie mix, and an adorable 5" cast iron pan to bake it in. 

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