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Coffee House Journal Set

Maybe it’s the sound of the milk steamer or the sound of people coming and going, but there’s something about your local coffee shop that really gets the creative juices flowing. Now you can get that feeling from the comfort of home with our Coffee House Journal Set. Complete with a re-usable cup, latte mix, a stylish notebook, and a pen, we’ve included everything you need to set the scene–simply add a coffee shop noise generator for instant café vibes. The Coffee House Journal Set makes a perfect gift for your favorite coffee date or the coworker you always brainstorm with over your morning cup.
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What’s in This Gift Box

  • Dipped Ceramic Mug
  • Reflection Journal
  • Gold Dipped Pen
  • French Vanilla Latte Mix

Empty the French Vanilla Mix into the Dipped Ceramic Mug.  Add six ounces of hot water and stir well.
Sit back, journal, and relax.