Beer Drinko

A Fun Drinking Game Gift Set

Beer. Enjoyed so many ways the world over and for such a long time. From lagers to IPAs to the delcious full-bodied stout, everyone has their favorite adult beverage. Now you can enjoy the act of opening the bottle as much as the drink itself! Our 'Drinko Plinko' Drinking Game makes the perfect start for any party. Where your bottle cap lands may have you doing shots, spirits, or more! Pick one up as a perfect party starter for you or a beer-loving friend.
  • Drinko Board 
  • Two Ceramic Beer Steins 
  • Four Coasters 
Wash and dry beer steins before use.
Mount Drinko board on the wall. Pull a cold beer out of the fridge and open on the drink board. Watch the bottle cap fall, and do what the board says! Either take a shot yourself, give a shot, or chug your entire beer!

Drink responsibly, of course.

The Story Of

Beer Drinko

Beer: one of man’s greatest inventions. Some historians say the first beer was brewed over 6000 years ago. According to Wikipedia, the Code of Hammurabi includes laws regulating beer production and taverns. Those would be interesting facts except history is boring. Unless it comes with beer. Then history is awesome. Because pretty much everything is awesome with beer. Good talk.